2017 Rule 5 Draft Eligibles

Teams must protect players who are eligible for the Rule 5 Draft by placing them on the 40-man roster prior to 5 p.m. on November 20th. Any player who is eligible and not protected by that time can be drafted by any other team in the Rule 5 Draft, which occurs on the final day of the Winter Meetings in December, provided the drafting team has a spot for the player on their 40-man roster.

If a team drafts a player in the Major League Phase of the Rule 5 Draft, he must remain on the 25-man roster for the entire upcoming season or be offered back to his original team. A team pays $50,000 to draft a player and receives $25,000 back if his original team takes him back, if offered.

To be eligible for the draft, a player who was 18 or younger when he first signed a professional contract and this is the fifth Rule 5 Draft since he signed. For players who were 19 or older, teams have one less season, meaning that they are eligible if that year’s draft is the fourth Rule 5 Draft since they signed. It does not matter if a player played in the first season during or after which they signed.


Aaron Brown (LHP)
Luis Carrasco (RHP)
Austin Davis (LHP)
Joey DeNato (LHP)
Seranthony Dominguez (RHP) – Protected; added to roster on 11/20/17
Franklyn Kilome (RHP) – Protected; added to roster on 11/20/17
Brandon Leibrandt (LHP)
Alexis Rivero (RHP)
Mario Sanchez (RHP)
Ranger Suarez (LHP) – Protected; added to roster on 11/20/17
Jose Taveras (RHP) – Protected; added to roster on 11/20/17
Tyler Viza (RHP)
Shane Watson (RHP)
Tom Windle (LHP)


Joel Fisher
Deivi Grullon
Gregori Rivero


Derek Campbell (2B/3B/OF)
Malquin Canelo (SS)
Grenny Cumana (2B/SS)
Luis Encarnacion (1B/DH)
Zach Green (1B/3B/SS)
Jan Hernandez (3B/RF)
Emmanuel Marrero (SS/2B/3B)
Drew Stankiewicz (2B/3B/SS)
Damek Tomscha (3B/1B/LF)


Jesus Alastre (RF/CF/LF)
Jose Pujols (RF)
Andrew Pullin (LF)
Cord Sandberg (RF/LF/CF)
Carlos Tocci (CF/LF/RF)