Andy MacPhail

MacPhail to Leave After 2021

Phillies team president Andy MacPhail announced to the media today that he would be stepping down from his position with the team following the 2021 season. The longtime major league executive said he may leave sooner should the team find someone to take his position.

MacPhail also hinted that while the team is in the market for a general manager, they are in no hurry to hire someone to replace Matt Klentak on a permanent basis. For now, Ned Rice is serving as the interim GM and could stay in that role for more than just a short period of time. Some believe that Rice may even be in the interim role when the 2021 season rolls around.

At one point, MacPhail credited Klentak for drafting players with value and read down a list of Phillies draft picks since 2017 and cited their WAR (wins above replacement value) to highlight the supposed success that Klentak had in drafting players. Part of MacPhail’s annual press conference also highlighted the fact that the financial numbers for the Phillies are pretty ugly thanks to the pandemic and the lost revenue from the season.

The 67-year old has worked in the front office of the Astros, Twins, Cubs and Orioles prior to joining the Phillies front office as a special assistant to team president Pat Gillick in the middle of the 2015 season and assumed the role of team president at the end of the season. As the GM of the Minnesota Twins, MacPhail guided the team to World Series championships in 1987 and 1991.


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