Three Former Players Join Phils Radio Team

Here’s a little math equation for you to solve.

If you have one retired relief pitcher broadcasting 162 – give or take a few for vacation – games a season and he gives back 81 of those games for the next season, how many retired infielders will it take to replace him, considering that none of the available games are in Philadelphia? For extra credit, what is the first name of the person or persons needed to fill that void?

Pencils down, time is up.

The answer is three. You get extra credit if you answered “Kevin” to the second part of that equation.

Larry Andersen announced last season that he wanted to cut back on the number of games he was broadcasting and he elected to do just Phillies home games beside long-time color man Scott Franzke. The search brought up some interesting names as part of the speculation about who – or what group – would replace him. Names like Shane Victorino and Doug Glanville were floated. When ESPN let Jayson Stark go, he was even mentioned as a potential replacement for Anderson. But it turns out that none of those people were hired and instead, the Phillies announced that Kevin Frandsen, Kevin Jordan and Kevin Stocker have been hired to rotate on the 81 road games beside Franzke.

Andersen finished up 20 seasons in the booth  last summer and decided that he needed more down-time for himself and his family. That opened the door for three former Phillies to enter. During Andersen’s vacation periods in the past, the team brought in multiple people to partner with Franzke, including Jordan and Stocker. It turns out that those games – Jordan did three and Stocker did six – served as an audition. Some believe that the rotation of the three former Phillies will serve as a season-long audition in 2018.

Jordan has the least experience of the three at broadcasting. His three games with Franzke last season serve as the only experience he has had working in broadcasting since retiring from the game. The other two have at least some experience, with Stocker having worked for the Pac-12 Network and CBS Sports network as a color analyst for the past 14 years. Frandsen doesn’t have game broadcast experience, but he has spent the past year-and-a-half doing sports talk radio in the San Francisco area.

The Phillies haven’t announced who will do which games.

Frandsen played with the Phillies in 2012 and 2013, Jordan played with the Phillies from 1995-2001.

Stocker was the team’s shortstop on the 1993 National League Championship team in his rookie season. Stocker finished sixth in Rookie of the Year balloting in 1993 when he hit .324/.409/.417 in 70 games with the Phillies. He was with the Phillies through the 1997 season and was dealt to Tampa Bay in November, 1997 to acquire outfielder Bobby Abreu, who the expansion Devil Rays had taken from Houston in the expansion draft.

Chuck Hixson

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