Bryan Price

Pitching Coach Bryan Price Retires

Bryan Price was supposed to be the guy who was going to turn the Phillies pitching staff around. After a year on the job, Price is stepping away from the position, at least as a full-time pitching coach. The announcement stressed that the 58-year old was giving up being a full-time coach, leaving the opening for him to work in a part-time capacity with the Phillies or another major league club.

Price was popular among Phillies pitchers and appeared to be a stable addition to the position which has been a revolving door in recent seasons. The next hire will be the Phillies fifth pitching coach in five seasons, which with a primarily young pitching staff is a recipe for disaster.

In an interview with NBC Sports Philadelphia’s Jim Salisbury, Price said that he simply decided it was time to go. He cited time with his family as a key reason for the exit.

“It was clear to me by the end of the season and the weeks I’ve been home that I’m just done full-time on the field. I miss my family. I’ve been taking them through this since 1991. They’ve been great and supportive. It just doesn’t resonate with me anymore to spend this much time away from home,” Price told Salisbury. “When you know it’s time to go, you go. I have no reservations. I don’t have the drive to stay on this schedule anymore.”

The Phillies have retained the rest of the current coaching staff, at least so far.


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