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The good news for Gabe Kapler is that he wasn’t unemployed long before he got another managerial job in the majors. The bad news is that his hiring by the Giants is causing even more fan unrest than his hiring in Philadelphia did. He’s facing all of the same issues he faced when the Phillies hired him two years ago, plus having to face up to his uninspiring 161-163 record in two seasons as the Phillies manager.

Kapler became a front-runner for the position thanks to having a friend in a high place. Farhan Zaidi, who worked with Kapler when the two were with the Dodgers, is now the Giants President of Baseball Operations and a big supporter of Kapler and his approach to managing a team; good luck with that. News of Kapler’s hiring by the Giants broke Tuesday night and he was introduced to the media at a Wednesday afternoon press conference.

If the Phillies fired Gabe Kapler, at least in part, to appease a fan base, the Giants apparently didn’t take appeasing a fan base into account when hiring him.

Enrico Campitelli, Yahoo! Sports

Remember when Kapler was hired in Philadelphia, there was the story of how he may or may not have helped to cover up a story about a 17-year old girl who was allegedly sexually abused and beaten in a hotel room with two Dodgers prospects while Kapler was the teams Director of Player Development? Those same questions came up again at Kapler’s press conference and he agreed – as did Zaidi – that they should have done more in that situation.

In the hours between the announcement and Kapler’s introduction, fans took to social media to voice their displeasure in the hiring, with many of them saying they would be cancelling their season ticket orders or abandoning being a fan of the team at all. About the early uproar to his hiring, Kapler went on to say “One thing I’m pretty good at is making adjustments. When I find out that this is maybe not the most popular hire, I want to find out what those reasons are, and I want to get better at them.

In case you’re wondering, the Giants make their only trip to Citizens Bank Park August 7-10 next season. It’s alumni weekend, so there are sure to be big crowds to ‘welcome’ Kapler back to Philadelphia.

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