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Phillies to extend safety netting at CBP

The Philadelphia Phillies announced today that they will extend the safety netting at Citizens Bank Ballpark. During the 2017 season, the Phillies extended the netting from just behind home plate to the far ends of each dugout. The changes for 2020 will take the netting down the entire length of each foul line.

An incident in Houston this season where a two-year old girl was hit and seriously injured by a foul ball sparked conversation around the league about the need for extending the netting past the ends of the dugouts. An NBC News special report also highlighted the rise in injuries to fans being hit by foul balls even though the netting extends further than it has in the past.

With their decision, the Phillies became the 13th club in major league baseball to announce that they would extend the netting for the 2020 season. Basically, the netting will go from the left field foul pole (section 140), down the third base line, behind home plate and down the first base line through section 107.

The NBC News report highlighted not just the injuries to the young girl in Houston, but to a Phillies fan who suffered a crushed skull and an eye injury in 2014 and still suffers effects from the injuries. In 2018 a grandmother at a Los Angeles Dodgers game died after being hit in the head by a foul ball.

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Andy MacPhail

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